Angels in the Mist (Z-Tech Chronicles Book 1)


LGBTQ:  Anne Perrin's world derails the day she is gang-raped in her bedroom while her brother watches. This defining moment makes it impossible for her to sustain a normal relationship. Eighteen years later, she works as a waitress, making people happy, while inside she mourns her inability to move on. One night when she tries to go out, she's attacked and if not for a guardian angel, she'd be dead. Charlie isn't an angel, but he isn't exactly human. He has his own insecurities about a relationship with Anne. Dating Charlie alters Anne's world once again as she's introduced to Z-Tech, Charlie's high-tech company, and his team, particularly Zima, a cyborg. Zima is a super-assassin, but she targets Anne to be her girlfriend. As Anne navigates the perils of loving two different beings and dealing with her PTSD, her attacker is out there, determined to destroy Anne's world and all those she loves.

"Angels in the Mist" is an epic urban fantasy blended with science fiction that will capture readers' imaginations! Ryan Southwick expertly weaves a world of androids, cyborgs, vampires and plasma guns into a complex tale that is full of twists and surprises. The characters are likable and well developed. The story is long; this is not a quick read. The bisexual relationship develops sweetly, but it's difficult not to question Anne's sudden acceptance of this attraction given her traumatic background and lack of interest in the female sex prior to Zima. Nonetheless, "Angels in the Mist" is a fantastic entry in the urban fantasy genre and readers will be clamoring for further books from Ryan Southwick!

Tricia Hill