Angel in Waiting (The Earthbound Series, Volume 3)


Elle Gates is not exactly the fragile human she appears to be. Although she is a writer, she is also an intense fighter. She did survive being stabbed by an Earthbound dagger and being possessed by a demon, after all. Her father could prove to be her biggest problem if he given the chance. Elle decides to deny him that chance, in the only way she knows how - disappear. 


Dimitri Radchenko, not a human, but an Earthbound angel, guards over this woman. Protecting her from her nightmares seems easy in comparison to protecting her from herself. Falling in love with her may be the stupidest thing hes done in his long existence. 


Stop the pages, no dont! This story is too good to come to an end. It is a "blink and it is over" kind of read, and the reader is left desperately wanting more, and more, and more! Why so good? Characters that jump off the pages with charisma, plot that drives forward at just the perfect pace, and a story that sucks the reader right inside! Need more be said? Yes. Dimitri is the perfect male lead. Sexy, alluring, brooding, and oh so manly. Elle is the spitfire that sparks passion, and frustration. And the complex, scientific questions? Essential to the story. The hidden twists in the tale only spark more intrigue. Only reader issue? It ends too darn soon! Readers want more, NEED more! No more waiting, bring these angels on. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto