Angel Unbound, Earthbound #2


Held captive for over a century by a Fallen named Jacques Rapier, Earthbound angel Callista McAllister has finally been rescued by her brother Kassian and the man she loves, Defensori Luca Fiorelli. Luca has spent that century mourning Calli's loss and building a reputation of cold detachment, dispassionate reasoning and a heart of stone. Now that’s she’s returned and slowly adjusting to the changes around her, he tries to keep his distance. However, when her life is put in danger yet again, Luca finds he can’t hold himself back any longer, no matter the danger to his heart. But has he come to the realization too late?


Defending angels have never been as sexy as they are in this heart-felt tension-filled fantasy! Luca’s struggle to love after being hurt and Calli’s struggle to assimilate into this new world are particularly well-done. The sexual tension between them is a delicious undertone keeping the reader on edge, wondering if they will ever give in to their attraction. The humor sprinkled throughout is a welcome relief and the sudden danger to Calli spikes fear for her safety. The story focuses mainly on the relationship between Luca and Calli, so the villain is a bit underused. However, the uncertainty of Monte’s role will keep one guessing until the end. Not reading the first book in the series led to some confusion in the beginning - about who these people are and their roles in this world - but it is cleared up early on. Soaring on wings and prayers, this delightful tale is a match made in Heaven!


Carol Conley