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Isoldra Maan is a hound for Haalarcus, the Lord of Lost Souls. She is indebted to him and must hunt souls for him, 250 to be exact. When a series of plagues begin to occur, Haalarcus offers Isoldra her freedom if she agrees to work with a watcher known as Evander. He is a divine raven figure of the God of Sun and Sand, Arran.

SCIENCE FICTION: Danya Xiang is raised as a member of the Greenjacket rebel organization, as well as her twin sister, Nox. Danya couldn’t be more different from her sister if she tried. While Nox is in the military and loves to go on missions, Danya prefers to work in food production, far away from the military.

Peyton and York grew up together. Their mothers, having been friends for years, have their sights set on the pair falling in love as they get older. York does everything for Peyton. He takes her to school with him and looks after her since she has severe allergic reactions to a multitude of things.

**Trigger warning: child abduction, child exploitation, sexual exploitation of a minor, death of a child**


Enigma Tracer
Charles Breakfield, Rox Burkey

Gracie Rodreguiz has finished graduate school and is working full-time for the World Bank, using it as a cover to manage R-Group resources around the world. Her graduate school roommate was Bailey, who asks Gracie and her team to help with a problem.