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Grace Holland grew up in the small town of Oak Blend before tragic events forced her family to move away. When Grace finally comes after inheriting her grandfather’s beautiful home and hanger of World War II aircrafts, she runs into his longtime friend, Aaron Beckett, who just happens to be the hot piece of man she needs.

Captain Jack Owens has served in a dangerous line of work under the command of the Duke of Wellington all in the hopes of escaping from underneath his wretched grandmother’s thumb. When he returns home, the young spy finds that much has changed since he left, and Kate Rafferty seems to be at the center of it.

This book has received a DNF rating from us as its contents violate our steam guidelines for BDSM content.

Austen Grace

It’s been two years since Grace’s husband, the Earl of Wenning, abandoned his bride on their wedding night with no warning. When Grace awakes the morning after her nuptials, she’s alone and in the midst of a full-blown scandal, while her husband travels abroad on a diplomatic mission. Refusing to bow to the ton’s judgement, or her grief, Grace builds a new life for herself.

In a last-ditch effort to save her two-year relationship, Cozette Fay attempts to spice things up with a sexy Mrs. Claus outfit. Instead of being aroused, James is worried he’ll miss his morning run. Embarrassed and upset, she packs up what will fit in her suitcase and marches out into the freezing streets of NYC.