Angel of Lusignan (Curse of the Lost Isle #8)

Vijaya Schartz

HISTORICAL: Fae princess Melusine has carried a curse for centuries that she must break. In a world where anything magical is brutally destroyed, it seems an almost impossible task until she finds Raymond, the young knight she has loved in other lives but who has no memory of her at all.  Melusine must win his love once again and build a dynasty without divulging her fatal secret.

Raymond is immediately entranced, not only with Melusine’s beauty but by her kind spirit.  He is amazed that she is even interested in him, as he is just a third son and has very little to offer.  There is something decidedly different about her and, with her encouragement and ideas, he has the chance to rise to greatness - IF the powers of darkness and evil don’t destroy them first.

This story weaves a medieval romance mixed with the delights of a fantasy drama! Both the era and the legends are woven deftly into the story, making it an extremely interesting tale.  Unfortunately, the characters don’t fit into the painting, as their behavior does not fit the era at all! Despite the fact that Museline is a complete stranger, Raymond betrothes himself to her within hours after meeting her. From that moment on, she makes all the decisions in their relationship. Until, of course, he discovers her true nature, upon which he reacts so totally out of character it doesn’t even make sense.     Still, with more consistency and believability in the characters and their development, this could be a truly memorable story.

Ruth Lynn Ritter