Amulet’s Rapture (Curse of Clansmen and Kings Book 3)



FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  Catrin is a Celtic princess who has lost everything, even her identity, at the hands of her half-brother and his Roman helpers. Stripped of her title and torn from her home, she is enslaved by Tribune Decimus Flavus, and given the identity of a eunuch named Vibius. While fighting for her life in this subjugation, she finds hope in utilizing ravens, a bad omen for Romans, to learn and embrace the ancient Druid powers. She is also fighting for her secret love, Marcellus, who has had his memory wiped and no recollection of his secret marriage to her whatsoever. He must place his trust in Catrin’s word and fight alongside her to find his memory and his once burning love for her once more. 

Fans of mythology and Roman history will rejoice when diving into Linnea Tanner’s engaging novel! Catrin has an incredible backstory, and it is fascinating when she taps into her druid powers. Marcellus, a descendant of the famed Mark Anthony, is charming and the reader will absolutely fall in love with him. The only downside one can find with this novel is that since it is the third novel in a series, it does not stand very well on its own. One must have read the previous books to catch up, but this book is engaging enough to make the reader want to go back and be on the same page, so to speak. All in all, Tanner has built a fascinating world that readers will love. The amount of captivating storytelling in this novel will enthrall even the most hesitant of readers.

Jen Griffin