Amber Ruin (A Blushing Death Novel Book 8)

Suzanne M.

This is the eighth installment of a saga following Dahlia Sabin, known as The Blushing Death, killer of the undead. In this segment, Queen of the dark fae, Baba Yaga, schemes to regain her power over the supernatural world. For eons she has held these creatures captive in her mountain. She offers them one chance for freedom, but charges them with a task: bring her The Blushing Death and her power of Fertiri magic. Kudiani Ketevan volunteers for the task, knowing if she fails it will mean her end. Once freed from the mountain, Ketevan absorbs the soul and becomes the beautiful Savannah. Her mission? To lure Dahlia Sabin back to the mountain for Baba Yaga’s sinister purposes. However, the plan may be doomed to fail, as Dahlia, along with vampires Dean and Patrick, have an overthrow planned.

This fantasy tale is complex, fast-paced, and filled with passion and angst. As the eighth book in the series, however, attempting to read "Amber Ruin" as a standalone leaves the reader floundering to understand the form and role of each character. A glossary at the end of the book is helpful, as well as short synopses of the previous books in the series. The prose alternates between first and third person seamlessly, and the pacing keeps the readers turning pages. Sex scenes are tastefully depicted and hot! The combination of so many supernatural creatures—vampires, witches, werewolves, werebears, and the fae—interacting in both their own world as well as the human realm is uniquely imaginative. This is a fantasy fan’s dream read!

FS Brown