Always and Forever Love


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Being in touch with her dead husband's ghost has brought Lacy Aegar much comfort since his death.  When her private investigation business brings her into close contact with her competition and personal nemesis' son, Jackson Carter, Lacy is uncharacteristically hostile.  But her husband knows her well, and she feels him start to pull away from her, pushing her to move on and continue living the life that he can't.  When she is hired to investigate Jackson's own company, Lacy uncovers a lot of hard truths...about the Carter family, about the person sabotaging Jackson's business, and about herself.

Jackson and Lacy's romance unfolds fairly slowly due to Lacy's antagonism towards the Carter family.  Once it does become apparent that there is something brewing between them however, things pick up very quickly.  The length of this book was detrimental to the many different subplots going on and it made the entire story seem rushed. The paranormal aspect coupled with a bit of suspense, as well as a romance, felt superfluous.  The story itself was engaging, however, and the message of healing and moving on was surprisingly touching.  Lacy and Jackson were both such down to earth characters, it would have been nice to get more of just them and their journey. As it was, this was still a lovely story.  The author has a real talent for grabbing the reader's attention and making them fall for her characters!

Nicole Duke