Alpha Stray


Chase Honeychurch and his friends have dreams; they just don’t include white picket fences and happily-ever-after. Instead, all they want is to establish their places in the Pack while earning an honest living and enjoying life. They never thought those closest to them would ever betray them.  Struggling to make peace with losing everything, they attempt to start over with a future they did not want, with family that is not blood. But those people are the ones who, when you find them, you never let them go. You fight for them and protect them. They cannot afford to screw up their new beginning. So, when the past refuses to stay buried, they won’t run. They’ll be ready.

An intricately written tale of family, betrayal, and growth. While shifters are nothing new, nor is mixing them with another paranormal race, it is what Ms. Rae does with her characters and story that make this novel stand out. She has a beautiful writing style that flows easily across the pages and brings the story to life. In fact, it is a story that covers a vast array of topics including homosexual relationships in the 40s, betrayal by those who are supposed to stand beside you, and finding a family with those who are not blood. Initially, the story has all the look and feeling of an ordinary romance, but it develops unusual depth of both plot and characters. However, having so many main characters can be overwhelming, despite how well fleshed out they are. In the end, “Alpha Stray” is a novel that stands out for its well developed, imaginative story!

Arec Rain