Alpha’s Bane (Twin City Series #1)


When Noah Hunter first arrives in town, everything about him appeals to Maya Greene – besides the fact he’s a shifter. Maya has despised shifters ever since she was attacked by one of them years ago, and has a hard time trusting Noah because of this. 

Noah, on the other hand, is hunting a rogue werewolf, and will do whatever it takes to catch him. Unfortunately, that includes using Maya as bait. While Noah and Maya struggle to get along, getting stuck in a log cabin in the dead of winter makes sparks fly and their supposed hatred turns into burning, fierce attraction. 

Maya’s personality is feisty and strong, and she doesn’t back away from anyone. She and Noah had an instant connection, made more difficult by him being a werewolf and trying to be professional at first, but it soon becomes apparent their attraction is too overwhelming to resist. Both characters are likeable, and the attraction between them feels realistic. The plot however, is on the thin side—the whole storyline of Noah hunting down a rogue werewolf, then the two of them getting stuck in the cabin, just needs more meat to it, and isn’t that original. The writing is pretty decent, although the book has some minor grammatical errors. “Alpha’s Bane” is a fast-paced paranormal romance that readers can finish in one sitting. 

Majanka Verstraete