Almost Magic


Vivian Burroughs isnt a witch, honestly! she does have some unusual talents -being able to read an aura doesnt make her a witch...and her knowledge of herbs and flowers is completely natural. But it doesnt seem to matter to the denizens of Essex Woods, her entire family is branded weird, which makes looking for ones husband a bit difficult. Her luck may be turning, however, when handsome Jack Riley and his daughter Elizabeth move to town.

Jack needs a fresh start. Its been two years since his wife died, and he cant seem to move on (talking to ones dead wife and hearing her responses cant be healthy). Jack decides that moving to another town would be a good idea. Unfortunately, trouble just follows him his wife is still haunting him, his daughter is acting furtively and seems to be hiding something and then theres Vivian, the beautiful woman he cant help but desire.

 A delightful story with lots of interesting characters, magic and mischief!  The author paints the most lively characters and infectious story. Vivian and Jack make for a great couple, once they got their differences straightened out. While Jack had a lot of problems to go through and he let them influence him, he completely makes up for it. Elizabeth is a jewel and Vivians mother, Fred, and Aunt Lil are a hoot!  All in all, a heartwarming story that shines with an amazing and colorful cast of characters with a love that can overcome any obstacle!

Ana Smith