All Dragons’ Eve (Saint’s Grove, #8)


The death of her grandmother has Ana Benten back in the town she hated enough to leave as soon as she graduated. Taking over her grandmother’s jewelry store is something to keep her busy but she still feels, as she has her whole life, that she’s missing something - something she needs. Something that, despite all her travels, she can’t seem to find. And then Ka-Riu comes crashing in the front door as realities outside collide and things get…weird out there in Saint’s Grove. Ana’s life is about to get turned upside down by a birthright she didn’t even know she had and by a dragon she had no idea existed.


Is there any better way to spend an afternoon than reading about a great love, a curse, and dragons? Mixing mythology, fantasy, and romance Ms. NaRome weaves a fascinating tale of dragons cursed into human form and their plans of using a rare interstellar alignment to be restored to their former glory. Ka-Riu and his family are entertaining, Ana is a strong heroine, and the premise is exciting, but the execution stumbles. With a sparse sprinkling of background and little world building the reader wanders in confusion for much of the book. The pacing is uneven, at times racing forward and others plodding along with unnecessary details spackled in as filler. In addition, the story suffers from poor editing and, at times, awkward wording. However, a gem of story is at the center and if it could be given an extra work-over then nothing would stop this love story from soaring as high as a dragon can fly.


Carol Conley