Alabaster Nights (A Josie Haw Companion Novella)

Elle J

Keller is a vampire with a dark uncontrollable craving. He’s been called to Nashville by his sister and is following rumors of a being with mystical blood. Josie is the sassy and spunky best friend and business partner of Keller’s sister.  She also happens to be a Huntress. She spends her nights hunting all of the nasty evil things that go bump in the night, which includes vampires. When Keller first sets eyes on Josie (as she attempts to kill him no less) he knows instantly that she is his mate and that he is going to have a difficult time trying to claim her.

Ms. Rossi writes a sarcastic and confident hero in Keller, the atypical tortured soul characteristic of vampire stories with the clichéd story line of vampire falls for vampire hunter. The point of view jumps from third person to first person in Josie’s perspective, which can be distracting to the reader. This novella is not a stand-alone, more an introduction to the characters and series and there is a cliffhanger ending that leaves readers wondering what will happen next. It remains to be seen whether Ms. Rossi will be able to take this much-used plot line and make it into something fresh and new with future installments. 

Molly S. Daniels