Aislin of Arianrhod

S. L.
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For eleven years Princess Aislin, appointed Regent of Arianrhod, has worked hard to keep her family’s Kingdom running smoothly. When it is invaded by a mad man who wants to own Aislin, she escapes to find help. To get to her uncle, a King in another land, they must travel into the dangerous Blackthorne Forest. Soon they are captured by unknown people and taken as prisoners. Why then, does the hooded leader of this people makes Aislin’s heart race with every touch - and not from fear.

 Tristan has seen many humans wonder onto his people’s land and it always ends badly. This time is different, the female human sparks something in him he has never felt before. With just a single touch he wants more from this female, but how, when she is not of his kind? He also wants to protect her with all that he is, but that not something he can risk.

S. L. Jesberger successfully weaves a fairytale story that is all grown up!   Readers will find a strong plot with but a few bumps. There are many secrets being kept with little explanation until the latter part of the story.  As a possible warning, there is also talk of abductions with mental and physical abuse.  Still, the exciting twists and turns take one on a thrilling journey into another time. Though it starts somewhat slow, the pace picks, soon winning over even the most cynical and making all believe dreams really can come true!

Melody Prat