Air Born (The Guardian Series Book 3)


Quinn Taleisin, a Guardian and protector of all beings, knows something is wrong since eight dead women have washed up on the shore near Vancouver. Quinn must find out who is killing all these women. The leader of the Guardians suggests that Quinn needs to ask Lachon Findel, leader of the Elementals, who controls all the elements for help. This does not please Quinn in the least because she hates Lachon for killing her family. Still Quinn and Lachon must work together in order to find the murderer before more people are killed. As Quinn and Lachon discover more clues, their investigation constantly puts one or the other of them in danger.  These dangers, however, only heighten the strong attraction they feel for each other. That attraction could also be the one thing that could solve all these deadly mysteries.

This action-packed story is filled with crazy plot twists leaving the reader on edge in breathless anticipation of what comes next! The romantic interludes between the main characters are a bit graphic and seem, at times, to take over the entire story, leaving the problem of the missing women overshadowed by the sex. An over-abundance of background information at times bogs down the plot, and the thrilling part of the book feels overpowered by the romance. Quinn, though a stubborn sarcastic heroine, still manages to be likable, and Lachon, despite his looks, is able to come off as a caring compassionate guy. This book is a fun paranormal mystery filled with not only suspenseful moments but steamy romantic interludes that make for entertaining reading!

Roslynn Ernst