Age of Saints: Druid’s Broach Series #7


FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  Young stonemason Conall has a secret: a magical broach, handed down to him by his father, which gives Conall power. When his sister, Lainn, is threatened by their abusive step-father, Conall is forced to flee into the wilderness with his sister, his broach, and no plan beyond survival. Unprepared, he and Lainn soon face starvation… until they are rescued by a mysterious and handsome Fae Lord. Whisked away to Faerie, Conall falls hard and fast for his Fae rescuer. When his poor decisions bring down the wrath of the Fae Queen on their heads, Conall must flee Faerie and return to the human world. But home is not what it was, and now the danger is greater. Does he have enough strength and courage to save his sister… and himself?

“The Age of Saints” is an old-style epic story of faeries, magic, druids, and a boy on a hero’s journey. Set in the dark ages, Ms. Nicholas takes a great deal of care with setting, so that the human world feels as worn and frail as the Fae world feels alien. The story itself, however, wanders and lacks focus. The likeable siblings, Lainn and Conall, are constantly referred to in the narration as “children,” making the relationship between Conall and the much-older Fae Lord seem problematic at best.  It’s a good-hearted tale, however, and sets up a sequel very nicely. Readers looking for magic-infused escapism will enjoy this.

Janice Martin