AfterLife (The Starbuck Chronicles #1)


What if, one day, reality broke? What if all the creatures from stories started wandering around our world? Creatures from myths and legends, video games, manga stories as well as ones from other realms? 


Thats the world in which Lily Starbuck lives. A caterer who happens to be a witch, she is deliriously happy in her mundane existence. Mundane if you disregard the fact that she woke one day in a field of lilies with no memories, that is. But then, things start to conspire against her: a werewolf alpha refuses to pay, claiming a deal with her partner, and yeah, the partner turns up dead in a circle of the very-illegal fairy dust.


So now she has Fae dust hounds on her trail (including their very sexy leader), Otherworld Security cops whose memories are being tampered with, and a murder to catch. All in a days work.

A great urban fantasy book set in a fascinating world! The cast of characters is varied, intriguing, at times deliciously mysterious and extremely likeable. Lily herself is a great lead. There do seem to be a plethora of incredibly attractive men, but who can complain about that? The various relationships are very well-portrayed, and they strengthen the foundation laid by the world and the characters. All in all, a splendid read recommended for any lover of urban fantasy!

Warning: Severe pangs of longing for the next book in the series unavoidable.

Ana Smith