Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

He once vowed never to touch Pleiades witch Avery Donovan, but she becomes MI6 agent Eli Morgan’s biggest threat when she shows up to “rescue” him and he can’t keep his hands off her thanks to an unexpected spell.

Touch of Smoke

After three years of running, Rikki Albemarle returns home with hopes of finding answers and ensuring that the killer responsible for her friend’s death is held accountable. She’s convinced that the man who once claimed her heart, Owen Amir, is the key to unlocking the secrets, but she’s torn between her heart and her memories of that night.

Zane Gideon is determined to find Wilder Swift at any cost, even if it means going through all of Hell’s Rings. Problem is, the Hell Runner Society has issued a lock down on all Soul Savers, so he’s stuck waiting. Delphine Claudel has been having visions her entire life, masked as nightmares. With her grandmother’s protection, she has remained hidden from the Hell Runner Society.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Callie Sinclair has a gift: she can sense and speak to ghosts. When Mrs. Turner, a lonely widow from an old family farm, reaches out to her for help, it doesn’t take Callie long to realize that the presence on Hillwood Farm is real… and dangerous. Adding to the complications is Mrs. Turner’s nephew, Luke, a drop-dead gorgeous skeptic.

The Cottage

Owen Beaumont is transported three hundred years into the future, but can't figure out what happened and is worried he will never get back to his own time. Theodora Barebone is a house flipper who goes to Scotland and finds Wayfarer's Cottage. She knows that she can make some decent money off it, but she finds the unexpected — Owen Beaumont! Owen is stuck between purgatory 1667 and 2017.