Adric’s Heart (The Fada Shapeshifter Series Book 6)


Adric Savonett is a cougar shifter. He’s also the youngest Alpha in the world. Arrogance coupled with the ruthlessness a leader needs is what has kept him in such a position, and it is one he takes seriously. When his sister is put in danger by a dark fae prince, he’s ready to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Enter Rosanna do Rio, a dolphin shifter, and one who knows without a shadow of a doubt that Adric is her mate. With their clans at odds with one another, their relationship should be forbidden, but that doesn’t stop them from having their one night of passion. It’s a night neither is willing to let go so easily, however, and soon they find themselves not only fighting for the other’s heart, but also for their lives as the dark fae prince has decided Rosanna will also be a fine prize. Adric is going to have to choose, his mate or his sister.

Ms. Rivard has created a vivid supernatural world in the pages of “Adric’s Heart” that is easy to get lost inside! Adric and Rosanna have an incredibly steamy romance that sizzles off of the pages. Their romance may seem quick to new readers of the series, but to old fans it is one that has been growing for some time. While this book acts as a standalone, readers will benefit from reading earlier installments in order to fully enjoy the story. This book is a fun, rich, read that fits into the mold of several other books in its genre.

Fans of paranormal romance will devour this novel!

Chelsea Andersen