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Florence “Flo” Palmer is a burglar. While she is in the process of stealing a high priced violin from its owner, Aaron Levy, a famed virtuoso violinist, she gets caught by none other than Aaron himself. To Flo’s surprise, instead of turning her in, Aaron hires her to find the very violin she was looking to steal, and to top it off, Aaron knows who the culprit is.

ROMANTIC SUSPENSE: Claire Kelly loves her job at MacBain Security and Solutions. It allows her to use the skills she grew up developing, and has given her the family she never had. Cooper Lockman was an important part of that family - until he left six years ago for Europe and she never heard from him again.

Lady Phoebe Darlington’s life changed in an instance. Raised as a pampered daughter of the aristocracy, the death of her disreputable father leaves her and her mother destitute.  Accepting a job as a shop girl in a large department store, Phoebe now waits on those who were once her friends.

Charlaine Palmer had a happy life growing up in Jamaica, until everyone in her family is killed by a mysterious sickness. Alone in the world, Charlaine is sent to live with a close family friend in England, but upon arrival, Charlaine is made shockingly aware of just how different she is from the aristocracy she must now live amongst.

NOVELLA: Belle Boots loves horses. So much so that she has made them her life’s work by running an equine therapy practice. Looking for a change in scenery, she takes on a fixer-upper and goes against the norm of her nomadic ways in exchange for something more stable. She returns to her childhood home, Wilmington, and it’s there she meets Andrew Branfield.