Genny has special powers over snow and owns a small-town newspaper. When her late brother is accused of murder, it throws her life into turmoil. She has no idea what to do but is determined to clear her brother’s name. Kace comes to town as soon as he hears what's going on. Genny's brother was his brother in arms, and Kace knows he wasn't capable of what people are accusing him of. The second she lays eyes on Kace, Genny knows she is in trouble. He's sexy and strong, and she can't stop thinking about him. As they work to clear her brother’s name, their feelings for one another develop. They will have to go through hell and back, but hopefully this won't pull them apart.

This is a stand-alone story in The Silverton Chronicles series. The immediate passion between Kace and Genny is well written, with obvious electricity sparking between the characters. The book has mystery, suspense and passion. Carmen Fox has created a series that readers will enjoy and go back to if they haven't read the other helpings of the series. The love scenes sizzle with vivid descriptions. Some other points of the book needed more description, and there are some grammar and punctuation issues. Some clichéd plot elements detract slightly, but overall “Accused” is an enjoyable read. Fans of Carmen Fox and paranormal romance will definitely enjoy this book.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick