On The Accidental Wings of Dragons (The Dragons of Eternity #1)


Michael is part of the Elite Security team that protects the dragons of New York. He is taken prisoner and is chained standing to a wall in a damp concrete cell. There for a few days already, in pain and in need of water, suddenly the doors open and a bundle is tossed in at his feet. This bundle turns out to be Carissa, sister of the King and a dragon. Once she is able, she assists Michael by giving him some water that has leaked onto the cell floor. This kind act changes both their lives from here on out. Once they find a way out, the chase is on and they have much explaining to do. They are now on the run and the evidence against them looks incriminating. Proving innocent will be a huge undertaking.


Ms. Wetzel has deftly written a fantastic tale of dragons living among humans. The plot is fast paced and captures readers from the get go. The characters are witty and complex and give this story depth. The fragmented use of "Mine" may have been a bit over used but the sentiment is appreciated. The switching of points of view from his to hers each chapter was well done and it was amusing to read both points of view. There are twists and turns, suspense, mystery and romance all played out in “On The Accidental Wings of Dragons”. Readers will delight in the action packed tale of the Dragons and humans coexisting in modern day New York.

Viola Robins