Abandoned Darkness (A Forest of Darkness Book 2)


Besides being the Alpha Wolf of the Atlanta pack, Sebastian also has the unfortunate “gift” of telepathy. His mind-reading powers have made him an outcast, shunned by those who are supposed to be like family. He’s learned to be tough in the face of adversity and has put up walls to protect himself. Although he may appear uncaring, brash and insensitive on the surface, underneath it all is a man who yearns for someone to call his own. While he’s resigned himself to being alone he continues to fantasize about his longtime crush, Jade. Unbeknownst to him, Jade feels the same way. When Sebastian and Jade quite literally run into one another it sets off a chain reaction that neither of them anticipated. 

An exciting tale of danger, fear, loyalty and love, “Abandoned Darkness” is the second novel in the Forest of Darkness series. Sebastian’s chemistry with the sweet and kindhearted Jade makes for a tender love story. Readers will enjoy the interaction between them as they come to know and trust each other. Not the stereotypical vampire/shifter trope, the world created by Ms. Wendley is unique in that vampires and shifters co-exist and have an almost symbiotic relationship. Although the story is generally told from Jade and Sebastian’s point of view, readers may become confused by whole chapters devoted to side characters. This book does have some unfinished threads in the plotline and ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. All things considered, readers won’t be disappointed with Ms. Wendley’s latest effort!

Chantel Hardge