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TIME TRAVEL: A trip to Paris to pick up a few things for her ill mother at an enigmatic antique’s shop, leaves Mirabelle Montgomery with a mysterious coin purse and a note that leads her to the Luxembourg Carousel. A quick ride out of nostalgia, however, takes her through a time travel vortex back to 1900 Paris with only a warning to “Vanish into the past which holds your future.

A Midnight Masquerade (Timeless Georgian Collection)
Elizabeth Johns, Jen Geigle Johnson,
Annette Lyon

HISTORICAL: The latest collection of Timeless tales, “A Double Masquerade” by Elizabeth Johns features an unwilling Lord Claremont in search of a wife, who finds his match dressed as a peacock at a masquerade. Phoebe Cartwright isn’t supposed to be out this season, but a last-minute swap to help her cousin soon draws the attention of a fox she doesn’t wish to share.

Once Upon A Crime

A serial killer is stalking the streets of Fort Worth. P.G is targeting sex offenders and taunting Detective Madison Chase with bad poetry, and leaving headless pedophiles as a calling card. Hunting down the killer would be just part of her job, but unfortunately, this killer soon sets its sights on Maddie’s 4-year-old daughter, Emily, and makes it personal.

Brutal dystopian societies rife with apocalyptic doom have always been author Andra’s specialty. She has for a knack for the doomsday special. However, when fiction meets reality, nothing could ever prepare Andra for the new world surrounding her. She curses the day modern man ever stepped foot on the Andaman Islands and wrought havoc in the world around them.

YOUNG ADULT: Michael is the teen protagonist readers follow throughout the story. To make sense of much of the references and backstory, it is recommended to read books 1 & 2 first. Michael’s father had made the Vanish costume in book one to help his son survive on the rough docks of Lowtown, where orphans sometimes go missing.