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Marshal Matthew Wilcox has finally decided to retire as a lawman, study to become a lawyer, and work part-time from home so he can enjoy his life with his wife and children. However, when he arrives home, he finds his wife murdered and his life turned upside down.

Math Professor Anna Lazarev, who believes in the importance of getting a higher education, becomes very upset when her younger sister decides to drop out of college and pursue her future through the Talbot Fellowship.

Kali Matai’s life as London’s most famous tawaiff and Indian dancer is not all it seems to be.

Stefanie Alt is on the run after being bitten by a shape-shifting wolf from North Ridge who is intent on making her his mate. Struggling with her changing body, she ends up running into a friend from her childhood, Kyle Williams, who is no longer the boy she remembers.

A Hotel in Venice

After many ups and downs, Minola Grey and her beloved fiancé, Peter, are finally getting married and in the most romantic city in the world - Venice, Italy!  While on an evening gondola ride, however, Minola notices what looks to be an intriguing glass sculpture and instructs the gondolier closer s