Recent Reviews

Unconscious Knowledge

Marcy and Sydney are young adults and the casualties of abuse. Adrift on their own, they manage to find one another - as nihilists seem to - and their relationship quickly explodes.

Jewel of Winter
Kirsten S.

VICTORIAN:  Jess is a widow running a country inn with the help of her sister when a trio of noblemen trots in the door evading a search party.

The Draig’s Woman
Lisa Dawn

TIME TRAVEL:  Claire, a martial arts specialist and accountant by trade, walks through a door in time to the thirteenth century and into the arms of Ian, the Laird of the Draig Clan.

Spring in Hyde Park (Anthology)
Jennifer Moore, G.G. Vandagriff,
Nichole Van

Three lovely regency stories: “A Happy Accident”, “Disdainful Duke” and “An Invisible Heiress”, are set in the spring and bring the heart to bloom.

Hunting for Spring

Conor, a hunter on the trail of all things creepy from the Otherworld, engages in a deadly standoff with a wight.