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"Regency Christmas Gifts" is a collection of three stories by Carla Kelly. In “The Lasting Gift”, sailing master Thomas Jenkins is tired of retirement and looking for a distraction when Mary Ann Poole and her daughter Beth arrive on his doorstep to return a package delivered to her by mistake.

Charlene A.

Between the chaos Sylis Shilo has caused in the realms and finding their soul mates, the Shilo brothers have their hands full trying to maintain the will of the Gods in Cornerstone Deep.

The Salem Gathering

Parris McCall has been struggling to deal with the truth about her family.

Casablanca: Appointment at Dawn
Linda Bennett

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  It’s 1943 and OSS Officer Kurt Heinz knows his duty. He’s determined to complete any mission necessary to protect U.S efforts in Casablanca, even if that means impersonating his cousin.

Magic Sometimes Happens

Rosie Denham spent a year in Paris that ended with a mistake that has left her grieving. When her friend Tess invites her to visit and meet her new husband Ben, Rosie decides to take the chance to get away before starting up her new PR business.