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Questing for a Dream

INSPIRATIONAL:  Manitoba Cree Nadie Laplante’s family and tribe are suffering from a number of problems - some self-inflicted and others seemingly without a source.

Rachel Reed has always tried to be the son her workaholic father never had. When she learns he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s she is twice as determined to fulfill his last coherent wish: get his minor-league baseball team off the ground, and then sell it.  Only a couple of things stand in her way, however - a few acres of trees and the younger brother of an old boyfriend.

NEW ADULT:  Cole Sanders didn’t expect a mission trip to Honduras to change his life, but after returning home for a new semester he finds himself trying to become a better pers

Waiting for the Laird

Lara MacLaren is lonely. With twins to raise and a castle to restore, Lara shouldn’t be daydreaming about Ian Paterson, the architect she hired to do the job.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Harmony Harper is a Christian singing sensation who feels called by God to spread His message through pop music.