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Alien Embrace

SCI-FI/PARANORMAL:  Lori Sullivan has no memories, only vague images that feel familiar and recollections that seem learned rather than truly experienced.  Even her memories of how she landed in the hospital are gone.  When no one can fi

POST APOCALYPTIC:  The former vampire gladiator Mira, her werewolf mate Stryker and their team have taken over New Haven as its leaders, making all the vampire slaves free and forcing humans to be on equal ground with everyone else.

The Tycoon's Wager

CJ Stratt is a smart-mouthed nighttime radio host, who happens to also dole out relationship advice despite having no relationships to speak of.

Ropes & Reins

Tracy has done nothing but rodeo - or practice for it - since she was a child, and she chose years ago to compete head to head with men in the one event where she is an equal: partners roping.

Amelia and her best friend Kat own and run an unusual concert venue called Castle Rock.