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Lark Singer is the lead singer of her own band, Starlight.  Talented and motivated, Lark just hopes she has enough of both to help propel her band to stardom.  Winning a band competition would be a great start, if she can keep her life on track until then.  Her laid-back drummer, Bean, perplexes he

Home is the Sailor

With her debut to English society behind her, Isabella Darden expected a quiet return to her home in Kingston, Jamaica. She never suspected she would find herself in the midst of secrecy and battle. Tristan Marrack’s mission just became more complicated with Isabella onboard.

Lacking in confidence, the curvy and plain Lillian Tisdale has resigned her fate to simply be “the other sister,” until she falls into the unlikely lap of Will Colton.

Corsica Gate

Being left at the altar, and forced to move back home tends to leave a girl bitter and jaded - which is exactly how Dia Sophia Romani feels when she’s forced to accept a date for her brother's upcoming nuptials.

Dances of the Heart

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Romance author Carrie Bennett and her daughter Paige set out on a working vacation to a resort in Texas. On the way they meet Jake Ryder, a Texan and former soldier returning from Iraq. His father Ray slowly works his way into Carrie's heart while Jake only wishes Paige would give