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I’m Still Here
Kathryn R.

Esther Comely-Cox is a brightly burning star who has never had the opportunity to shine.  One day fate lands her in a car crash, which leads her to meet Kingston Cole (better known as O.K), a doctor who will change her life forever. The short and sweet synopsis of a complex story.

Habits Kick Back

SPECULATIVE FICTION:  Life has progressed to one of conformity created by pharmaceuticals, everything accompanied by a supplement to curb or enhance behaviors. Visit a local campus and watch the students learn via simulations versus real life experience.

FANTASY/TIME TRAVEL:  Juliette McGowan’s sister Claire has been missing for three weeks when she suddenly shows up naked at a beach and gives Juliette a scroll.

Heart of Steel

SCI-FI:  It’s not the stress of being an ER doctor that pushes Julia Parker into a Hawaiian vacation with her boyfriend.  It was the violent attack at work six months earlier that left her with nightmares and a scar on her neck - memories of that are what she hopes to escape.  Breaking up with her

DARK FANTASY:  Every year on Feast Day, Lillandyr Shadowglade, Marquis of the Flesh Quarter, lies with an oracle-chosen man before the elven city of Belshalara.  Merris Osterious, an ally with many secrets, wants to be that man.  They manipulate people to get what they want.  They place their playe