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Grog Wars

WESTERN:  Burke Kaufman grew up the son of an unloving but successful German brew master.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Granted an unknown power that has been bestowed upon generations of woman before her, Catherine Schreiber discovers that her penned heroes from long-forgotten stories have turned into real life!

Recently divorced from her abusive husband, Holly Heartland has finally achieved a successful career as an art gallery curator as well as peace, security, and stability for her young daughter.

Isabella Rodriguez sacrificed her dreams to take care of her late parents.  Now that they’re gone, her brothers demand that it’s time for her to move on and out of the family house.

The Rest of My Life

Sienna is a young, naïve screenwriter who is looking to Adam to supply her with information to spice up the love scenes in her scripts. Adam is a known partier and womanizer who has slept with almost all the married women in the small community.