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A cloud of woe has descended on Wakefield, home to Drake Harcourt, knight and son of the earl. In the space of two days, Drake’s life as captain of the guard and loving son is turned upside down when he loses both parents and is forced out by his conniving half-brother.

Gerard of Malmsbury is a self-made English knight and the new lord of spectacular Tangwyl Castle. Marared is a prideful, recalcitrant Welsh chieftain’s daughter. To end the bad blood between Welsh and English, a deal is struck: Gerard will take Marared as his bride and peace will reign in the realm. All seem happy with the arrangement, except Marared.

American Blasphemer
John Matthew Gillen
Narrator: John Matthew Gillen

This is an interesting audiobook. It’s obvious that the author is knowledgeable about various topics including literature, philosophy, Christianity and witchcraft. However, this isn’t a story in the typical sense of the word, but rather a journey from a place of questioning many things, to a place somewhat closer to answers.

Heart and Soul
Karen Michelle Nutt
Narrator: Holly Adams

Back in the 1980’s Haley Rose and her boyfriend disappeared. They were seen at a gas station, and then never seen again. Rowan Beckett, 30, knows things only Haley would know, and she sings in a similar style. She’s been having vivid dreams about a woman and a man, and her family and her ex-boyfriend want her committed to a mental institution because of her crazy dreams.

The Lady Flyer
Jane Lewis
Narrator: Dawson McBride

Lisbeth Douglas is a pilot, an airplane mechanic, and a flight instructor, unheard of for a female in 1939. She’s had amazing teachers for all of it, and she is forging her own path in a male-dominated profession that contains many biases against her. She really wants to be a test pilot, but figures that is a nearly impossible dream.