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Genevieve Masters has finally achieved her lifelong dream. With her nursing certificate from the Harrow School of Nursing in hand, she begins a new job at the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, right as an outbreak of Smallpox hits the local population hard. Dr.

Clemence Fitzpayne wants to go to court and win the patronage of Queen Elizabeth, but her father has other plans. When she is rescued from kidnappers by a mysterious wild man hiding in the woods, she finds herself with a new challenge: to help Lancelot recover his memory and proper status, but Clemence isn’t the only one being targeted by plots. Lancelot’s memory is spotty at best.

Housewife Chronicles

Beth Cartwright is struggling. Not only is she a widowed, single mom in a community of upper-class housewives that she never felt fit her, but just a few weeks prior to her husband Howard’s death, she found out he was cheating on her with the hot yoga instructor next door.

Jacques Aznar is a Basque Templar Knight in a time when the Templars are being hunted and imprisoned on false charges. In the wilds of Scotland, he and his compatriots have found a home, and even love. But while Jacques heart has been stolen by Morag MacKellar, his spirit is torn between his oaths and obligations.

Festivities & Felines (A Holiday Anthology)
Candace Colt, Kira Nyte
and Abigail Sharpe

Set in the town of Cat's Paw Cove, Florida, this charming town and its numerous feline residents nearly steal the show! The infamous Sherwood cats are known for involving themselves in the lives of the townsfolk, and when they do, you can bet that all kinds of interesting and unexpected things will happen. Each story brings its own take to the town's magic, with romance at the core.