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After a devastating betrayal, Raven moves to NYC hoping to start a new life and to land a job where she can further her dream to become a chef. Ecstatically accepting a server position in an upscale restaurant, she is jolted by her wanton attraction to the owner.

The Starfolk Arcana

Beth has the ability to sense ghosts and psychic energy. Her visit to a TV show’s set on the day celebrity Amelia talks about her paranormal experiences sets Beth on edge. And Jonan, the man with the microphone at the show seems oddly familiar. Why does he show up on the tarot card deck she buys later that day? Beth’s encounter with Amelia does not end with the show.

Song of Destiny

FANTASY: Korrina Lore has a secret. Her voice can kill. She used to love to sing, but now she’s suffocated by fear. After four years of friends and family thinking she is crazy and having become riddled by the trauma, she finally learns the truth. She is a siren straight out of the Greek myths of old.

A Wisp of Fate

When Elsie True is asked by a clan of shifter monks to track down a stolen relic, the case turns out to be a lot more complicated than she expected. From the very beginning, she has her reservations about this case and its legitimacy. Used to keeping her distance from people, this is no longer possible when she must bind herself to Sheng, the original owner of the relic, in order to find it.

Poison in Paradise

Lexi Walker is living her dream. Working as a lifeguard and Port Adventures coordinator for Epic Cruise Line lets her travel the world, save lives, and have new experiences. On her latest trip to the Bahamas, Lexi even runs into a childhood friend she hasn’t seen in years.