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Trail of Redemption

Estelle Ripley and Graham Tremaine come from different backgrounds. She grew up in a plantation. He is a wounded soldier from a horse farm. They meet on a wagon trail and eventually fall for each other.  But Estelle has a secret which she fears can ruin her chance at happiness with Graham.

Bit and pieces of a woman’s body are dredged up from a makeshift grave and flow with the deluge during a Las Vegas downpour.

Sofia’s beloved step-father has died and left the family company in a three-way split between her step-brother, Allen, who hates her, and a past lover, Dante, who broke her heart six years ago.

Natural Attraction

In the 1870’s, a girl from a rural town doesn’t have much hope of anything beyond being a wife and mother. Ignored by her parents, Clementine finds teachers willing to take her beyond elementary school, and she trains as a naturalist.

Dante, an unhuman Indebted, is bound to a demon that uses the Indebted to kill evil humans which he feeds on. Not quite alive and not quite dead, with abilities far beyond those of a human, Dante has been serving his master for over 300 years.