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When Stormy Gregory’s best friend gives her a way out of her abusive relationship, she takes her up on her offer of a place to live at a shelter for abused women.

With her dead husband’s mother still blaming her for his death, Elizabeth Farefield decides to take a break and rethink with a cruise to the Caribbean.

As a leopard shifter living in a small town, Jess Baker goes through her days like a normal person trying to make a living. What she doesn’t realize is that the quiet town of Blackford has a dangerous side.

Malibu O’Hare calls on her aunt Cindy when she has a rare guy problem. She’s usually good at dealing with guys, but Mark Bouchard is getting under her skin.

Since losing her husband, Eliza James has gone through a lot; but she hasn’t given up on finding her happy ending or her Mr. Darcy. She wants the romance and experience of being courted by potential lover.