The Zoastra Affair


SCI-FI:  What would life be like if you were taken from your own body and put in someone else’s? Would you do everything in your power to get your body back?  These are the challenges facing Grace as she struggles through the journey to get her old life and husband back. Ariel has taken something that was not hers - she has taken Graces body!  She regrets having done so. But what’s done is done, and she learns to live with it, or does she? It is not easy, Grace is determined to get her life back. but hopefully it will be  worth it in the end. 


What a fascinating take on other worlds, space, and lives that intertwine! It’s a very interesting tale that makes the reader ponder questions such as, "How far would you go to get your life back, or to make someone else’s yours, just to live?"  It’s also a story of body-snatching and life in space with all its struggles to survive. Readers will find themselves liking both Grace and Ariel, while wondering how the author will fix the mess that has been made between them. It’s enthralling to read what is happening to them, along with their thoughts. Some readers may find it a little confusing going back and forth between the two women’s lives’, making it confusing to determine what’s really going on. However, it all comes together in a surprise ending that will delight all!


Melody Prat