The Yankee Must Die: Huaka’I Po (The Nightmarchers) (The Gaslight Adventures of Tom Turner No.1)

T. E.

STEAMPUNK:  The year is 1884.  Tom Turner has traversed the world seeking the marvels of scientific wonder - he has seen volcanoes erupt and survived the Civil War. Now he finds himself staring down the specter of death in an unknown cavern. Spin the clock back seven months and Tom Turner began the journey that led to his predicament, on a ship leaving Krakatoa. Aboard the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln he becomes acquainted with Lieutenant Forrer, who becomes his companion and unwittingly, a pawn in the goal of a madman to kill Turner. As Tom sees death coming, he can only think of Dr. Lettie Gantry. 


MacArthur delivers an adventure story to spotlight one of her Volcano Lady characters, Tom Turner. In a three-part serial, crafted as a shilling story, it aims to cover the time he spends apart from Dr. Lettie Gantry, the volcanologist. Turner is a classic gentleman with a noble heart, and a steely determination to fight for his life and those he cares for, such as Forrer. As he travels the ocean he lands on the isle of Hawaii, with another volcano and a target on his back. As he attempts to blend in he nonetheless attracts attention, good and bad. 


The adventure is a bold one, and replete with scientific terminology that shows MacArthur’s dedication to her series. Descriptions are brilliant and bring a word picture alive. Minor issues with flow, due to the initial and ending chapters, and a tendency for the science to overwhelm may detract some readers. Steampunk enthusiasts will definitely enjoy this one! 


Penelope Anne Bartotto