The Wizard of OZ (A Steampunk Adventure)


STEAMPUNK:  Dorothy was 10 years old when her world was turned upside down by the kidnapping of her father and the murder of her mother. She grows up on a farm with a family that takes in homeless children, where she is taught to protect herself in many ways - both physically and mentally. Dorothy is told it's too dangerous to look for her father; nevertheless, at 17 she sets out to find him.  She never dreamed he would be in OZ - the Australis Penal Colony referred to as Outcast Zone .

Dorothy is on the journey of her life, which may even cause her to lose her own.  She sneaks onto an airship bound for Oz to rescue her father.  Along the way she finds help in the form of the automaton Woodsman, the robot Scarecrow, and a very special lion-man Caleb.


S.D. Stuart has penned a strong story that leads you on a path that will not always take you to the places you expect.  There is a lot going on here, with the steampunk trappings twisting the original story in addition to the entirely new view given by the author.  The one thing that is real, and always true, is Dorothy. “The Wizard of OZ: A Steampunk Adventure” is a fine example of the genre, with airships, Teslas, steam cars, automatons, wizards, and so much more. There may not be a Yellow Brick Road, but there is a path to an amazing, whimsical tale. No ruby red slippers to take Dorothy home, only a heart pendant to show her the way.


Melody Prat