Willow’s Way


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Willow Armstrong is the CEO of a weight loss company Pound Busters and is caught eating food not in the diet plan. Everything has gone wrong in Willow’s life. Her husband cheating on her has caused their divorce, and Willow possibly losing her beloved company has left Willow’s life in shambles. When Willow finds a will in her deceased mother’s things, it sparks her curiosity. Apparently, Willow had grandparents and is now the owner of their house in England. Willow goes to England thinking she can sell the house and make some money. When she gets to England, she discovers the house also has a cottage where the caretaker, Owen Hughes, lives in with his daughter. As Willow gets closer to Owen and his daughter, will she be able to sell the house along with the cottage without repercussions?

This story is amazingly true to life, filled with funny and poignant moments. The ups and downs of losing and gaining weight, plus the horrible things that happen in life, will definitely strike a chord with readers. The buildup of the heroine’s relationships is slow, though, and the family drama does need some clarification. Readers will find Willow’s daily struggles with her weight and her deep dark family secrets easily relatable. Owen is the nice perfect English gentleman, brimming with warmth and charm, making it hard not to love him, even with his dogged attempts to go on tour. England is described vividly, as a magical yet heart-wrenching place as the story that unfolds there.

Roslynn Ernst