Whisper in the Wind (Windswept Texas Romance #1)


TIME TRAVEL:  Attending Old West festivals isn’t the same without her beloved Uncle Brownie, but Molly Magee made her uncle a promise to keep attending, even without him. On her way home a raging storm appears out of nowhere, making her race for shelter. When she emerges a short time later, Molly finds herself transported back to 1885 Texas! Dressed in her costume from the festival, she meets Jordan Blake, a Pinkerton detective who offers to help her. Realizing that she can’t tell him she was thrust back in time, Molly decides that faking amnesia is the only way to avoid all of his questions.


Jordan Blake has lost his faith in people, and justice. After meeting Molly, he soon begins to suspect she isn’t being truthful where her memories are concerned. That’s when the detective in him stands up and takes notice. He determines to figure out who she is, and where she came from. He doesn’t realize a beauty from the future is his soul mate, and will come to him with a “Whisper in the Wind”. 


Ms. Kath-Bilsky is delightfully imaginative and creative in her version of time travel, and boy, does she know her way around the old west!  However, there are a few situations that aren’t remotely realistic, and make the reader question the character’s actions. A  slight warning however, this story does contain inappropriate sexual themes that are requisite to the outcome. “Whisper in the Wind” has fascinating characters, the story is fun, it’s sexy and the twists and turns will keep the reader engaged, intrigued and the pages turning!


Tonya Smalley