Where the Moon Shines Brightest


NEW ADULT:  Life in the 1950’s was much simpler than it is now. Well…not so much for Wallace Johnson. Wallace dreams of leaving the family farm and attending college to become a writer. How will he pull that off? He doesn’t know, but he is determined, regardless of what his father wants. Living in a dry county, illegal moonshine stills are the norm and those who run them, unsavory. When Wallace’s father dies, life becomes even more difficult. His brother Landis will become an even more important figure in his life.


Mary Harper is pretty, shy and catches Wallace’s eye. Romance blooms between the two, but after high school graduation they are forced to part ways, and try to keep a long distance romance. When Mary’s letters stop with no reason, Wallace is left to wonder, why. Time will bring them back together, but will Mary’s secret keep them from rekindling the love they once shared?


This is Kevin Crank’s debut novel? NO WAY! Mr. Crank does an amazing job of bringing his characters to life. The romance is sweet, the side characters add much, and the story flows right along. There is no “insta-love” in this tale. Wallace is an admirable character and the reader gets to watch him grow and mature. The relationship between the parents is a bit odd at times. One will fall in love with Wallace making it difficult when the story time warps to six years later towards the end. Familial relationships, new love, plot twists, a bit of intrigue…this story has it all!


Lynne Bryant