When I Found You

Kristen S.

TIME TRAVEL: Kate Cohen has just had the worst year of her life. On top of the Empire State Building contemplating her suffering she stumbles and falls. When she wakes up, she finds she isn’t dead, but she isn’t in 2020 anymore, she is in 1985. In 1985 she meets Arthur, and the sparks begin to fly. But how can a relationship develop when she doesn’t exist in this time and Arthur is her dad’s boss? Arthur is used to living alone and doesn’t need a woman interfering in his life. But when he accidentally injures Kate leaving her with amnesia, he feels responsible for her and brings her into his home while she recovers. As their relationship develops the question remains if the passionate relationship can survive the truth.

Kate is a strong heroine, and the chemistry between Kate and Arthur is consuming. “When I Found You” is a unique twist on time travel with Kate traveling back only 35 years to just before she is born. This short time travel whisks readers back along with Kate with familiar songs and trends. The relationship between Kate and her parents as she starts a life in 1985 is heartwarming. Passion between Kate and Arthur sizzles and burns, igniting in a steamy romance. The progression of the characters and their relationships does not disappoint. The character development is excellent and creates an attachment where the reader won’t want the story to end. All of the supporting characters are full of life and laughter adding dimension and depth to the story. A fun read that will keep readers invested until the final page.

Cara Cieslak