Water Harvest

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Science Fiction: The planet is covered with a blight that threatens human life and water consumption.  Who will lead the Houses in a governing Alliance?  Who must be sacrificed for the overall good?  Before these questions can be answered, a violent overthrow imprisons Gar, the leader of the Alliance, and his son, Cairn, is left to fend for himself and to try and pull their House  back together. That is, until Cairn’s girlfriend is enslaved, and he despairs of ever seeing her again.

Eric Diehl tells a detailed story of a future world torn apart by fighting, with sorcerers secretly controlling the minds and thoughts of others.  Other-worldy creatures attack, protect, help, or kill, given their relationships with humans.  The story contains many “created” words and phrases to  reflect the futuristic culture;  these were hard to follow and the meaning wasn’t always clear.  The author also used lots of detail to explain different scenes which could bog down the reading.  However, the characters were captivating, with a variety of relationships that kept the plot moving.  The futuristic setting and the concept of harvesting/protecting water made a very good backdrop for the story.  The ending was somewhat predictable, a few story lines were left hanging, but Water Harvest definitely keeps one’s interest until that last page is turned!

Victoria Z. Burg