The Volcano Lady Volume 2: To the Ending of the World


STEAMPUNK:  Doctor Lettie Gantry is a woman ahead her time:  a Volcanologist and adventurer, but also a lady, even though her reputation is slightly tarnished. The bigger obstacle is definitely her current situation - a prisoner of one Robur the Conqueror, an insane yet  brilliant man.  All she wants to do is her job - one that will allow her to predict volcano eruptions and help save untold lives - but Robur wants her for more sinister purposes.

Her only hope lies with Tom Turner, a Civil War veteran and Robur's first mate, and the man who got her into this mess to begin with.  She finds him strangely alluring., but the question of his loyalty remains. When the stakes go impossibly high they will have to learn to trust each other in order to survive.

A compelling steampunk story with lots of adventure and bits of creative history (Nemo and Nautilus are real!!!). Unfortunately, the story (and the plethora of characters introduced in the first couple of chapters) is a bit confusing, especially for someone who hasn't read volume one of the story. It can stand on its own, but having a bit more of the back story would definitely be appreciated. Lettie is a great heroine.  She is sensible, smart, adventurous, but still aware of her limitations. And then there's Turner,  a sigh-worthy character for sure!  He is strong, heroic, tortured, and yet a romantic. While the story is not a romance per se (more an adventure with a dash of romance), one of the most beautiful parts of the entire reading experience is Lettie's letter to Turner. That will leave no heart untouched!

Ana Smith