The Veil Between Worlds

Hope Carol

TIME TRAVEL: When Ellie Hartford, a divorced American Middle English professor, and her two daughters traveled to England to visit old friends, she had no idea of the adventure that awaited her! First is meeting Harry, a very handsome neighbor, then having her ex-boyfriend, John, show up at the house in manacles, bruised and bleeding! To explain what happened, John takes Ellie and Harry to an odd labyrinth behind his old castle of a home. Instantly sucked in, both Ellie and Harry suddenly find themselves in the 14th century. With no way to get back, Ellie learns she must see life through a different lens before she will be allowed back to her children and the 21st century.

This engaging time-travel story is a mix of fabulous 14th century tidbits woven in to enlighten a 21st century mind. The set-up is well constructed. Ellie, as a specialist in all things of that era, including the odd early English language, helps the reader see things through a creative and believable prism. Oddly, there are some jarring inconsistencies in other areas, however, from the songs they sing to the switching of characters names, to the characters actions. Ellie is a terribly pessimistic character as well, making it difficult to like and enjoy reading about her. Overall, the story stayed firmly on the surface with little depth, especially in the romance department. Still, the setting and story are truly lovely to experience overall. One can truly emerge themselves easily and experience a bit of an era long gone but rich with history!

Ruth Lynn Ritter