Vala: Appointed

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Anj and Zes are twins with magical abilities - identical in looks, but different in gifts.  Anj has inherited his father's destiny as a Fate.  Even though he is blind, he can behold the past, present, and future.   This ability makes him an ideal target for capture by Lucien, a demonic angel who wants to become Divine and rule Hades.  Anj struggles to develop his gifts, with his Divine girlfriend Jewl helping him.  The Three Elders also guide him, although they are not very helpful.  His brother is more focused on living in the human world, keeping his magical abilities  hidden and finding romance with the mysterious Cheyenne.  Their high school, Vala, helps them develop their abilities among other magical students.  Can Anj keep Lucien from reading his visions?  Can Zes help his brother while struggling with his own identity?  

“Vala” is an interesting sci fi story about young men developing their magical abilities while discovering their destinies.  Romance is center stage, as the couples date, break up and reconcile.  More information on the initial story stages would support the plot.  Characters or situations are introduced suddenly with no explanation, leaving the reader paging through the book to see if something was missed.  Additional explanation about magical beings in general would also help.  The subject of the underworld also needs more fleshing out.  “Vala”  really does have a great plot, however, and the romance is well written.  A sequel could answer a lot of questions and continue a captivating sci-fi read!

Victoria Z. Burg