As Vaan Made Us


SCI-FI: After religious crusades divide the planet and followers of Vaan gain control, twin brothers of the powerful safe-city New Lysia, Tak and Xanis, become the cornerstone demi-gods of a world-ending prophecy delivered by their father, Samuel, Master Regent of Vaan. Their childhood was idyllic until it is discovered they cannot be harmed by accident or any weapons formed against them unless certain conditions are met. When they grow older, they are tested by their father one time too many. Forced to abandon their home with the young women they love, Reija and Lashel. They go into hiding and take different paths while learning to survive in the lawless no man's land portion of the planet. Each brother gathers followers determined to battle to the death for them. Will the prophecy be fulfilled or will the battle be fought in vain and nothing change?

"As Vaan Made Us" is a tale about two brothers blessed and cursed by their father and his God with an end-of-days prophecy that pits them against the world and each other. A tale told from different perspectives that will have the main characters as well as readers picking which side to root for and possibly switching before the story ends. The different landscapes described are alien yet familiar. Readers may find the conflicting views on the purpose of faith, religion, and war compelling or disturbing. Although the plot is clear and there are plenty of action scenes, the pace still seems to drag in a few spots. When all is said and done, Jonathan Sobe's tale may have readers questioning the actions done in the name of religion and love.

Tonya Mathenia